MELT Method® Sessions Inlcude:
-Self-massage of connective tissue using MELT Hand & Foot Treatment balls and MELT soft foam roller

-Subtle exercises to calm your nervous system

-Techniques to improve posture

-Learn how to take control of your pain & feel more at ease in your own body

-Make more progress with your massage sessions by learning self care you can do at home!

now offering physical therapy at universal chiropractic 1900 ridge rd in west seneca!  call (716)677-2969 to make your appointment today!

Physical Therapy Sessions MAY Include:

-One on one treatment

-Neurokinetic Therapy®

-Trigger Point Massage

-Soft Tissue Massage

-Postural assessment and education

-Corrective exercises

-MELT Method® or Yoga Tune Up®Self Treatment Techniques

-Moist Heat

-Segmental Traction

-Functional Exercises Using Primal 7

Neurokinetic Therapy® (NKT®) Sessions Include:

-assessment of motor control patterns

-releasing facilitated muscles and activating inhibited muscles once a faulty motor control pattern is found

-homework which helps to improve faulty motor control pattern


Yoga Tune Up® helps eradicate pain, improve posture and enhance performance through a unique blend of Corrective Exercise, Self Massage and Yoga.  By helping to identify and target your “body blind spots”; areas that are most overused, underused, or misused, YTU heals damaged muscle, increases strength and establishes healthy movement patterns to help you live better in your body.